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This program offers court-ordered protections for some of our community’s most vulnerable members. We strive to support the fullest expression of a person’s interests and goals while guiding them toward choices for a safe, healthy and secure life. This program is currently funded entirely through donations.

For more information please contact:
Johnathan Straw: (360)254-1562 EXT: 101

Set up with direct service staff spending time assisting individuals to participate in activities that promote individualized skill development, independent living, and community integration.

Activities provide individuals with opportunities to develop personal relationships with others in their local community and to learn, practice and apply life skills that promote greater independence and community inclusion.

For more information please contact:
Jamie Ivers (360)254-1562 EXT:132



This program assists individuals to manage their finances. In most cases Social Security has determined that an individual cannot manage their benefits without assistance. As Representative Payee, we are required to ensure that basic needs for shelter and food are met and that remaining funds are used in ways that best serve the clients’ interests. The Arc strives to insure that each individual is as involved as possible within the confines of our appointed obligations. This program is funded through clients fees and donations.


For more information please contact:
Kathy Alvick: (360)254-1562

Community Respite Program now available!

Providing caregivers and loved ones some time to unwind or run errands that they would not normally be able to do without assistance. Monday through Friday, Youth ages 12+ and adults who experience intellectual and/or physical disabilities are welcome to join us for various activities!

Experiences Provided: Experiential Learning, Self Confidence Building, Coping Skills, Group Chat, and eventually as participation increases, adventures out into the community.

Qualifications include: Available Respite hours via IFS or Basic Plus Waiver, or private pay options with an hourly rate of $18.36 per hour.

For more information please contact:
Jamie Ivers (360) 254-1562


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The Arc of Southwest Washington Supported Living Program

Supported Living is specifically designed to assist people to “live in the least restrictive environment possible.” The participants in this program are successfully living independently in their communities. The Arc supports them in this endeavor according to each individual’s specific needs. For one it might be with grocery shopping, for another be budgeting and spending wisely. Almost all participants receive substantial assistance with safety, wellness, and medical concerns.

The Arc contracts with Washington State Department of Social and Health
Services to provide this program.

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The Arc of Southwest Washington – Supporting people with disabilities










For more information please contact:
Ronda Harrison (360) 254-1562